Gameplay systems

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Intel is vital for tracking the movements of your enemies. Provided by both attachments to your weapons and deployable equipment, Intel will make sure you know where your enemies are coming from and where they’re headed, and this information is indispensible when planning a counterattack or ambush. Don’t forget about the enemy’s own intel, though! Countermeasures such as jammers and EMP grenades will be vital in maintaining your own invisibility while tracking your enemies.

Gameplay system Tips
  • Tip 1

    When detected by enemy intel devices, check your HUD to see what type of device is detecting you. This will help you understand how to counter the detection more rapidly.

  • Tip 2

    Heat intel tracks other players based on their heat signature, but can not see through an enemy scout's cloaking. It also needs line of sight on the target in order to track them. Devices that provide this level of intel include Night/Thermal cameras, UAVs, Night Vision Scopes, and the Sentry Turret.

  • Tip 3

    X-ray intel can track enemies and equipment through walls, and is also capable of seeing through an enemy scout's cloaking. Devices that provide X-ray intel include the Backscatter Optic and Sensor Grenades. This type of intel can also be provided through Intel objectives in Multiplayer Conflict matches and by data hacking an enemy combatant

  • Tip 4

    In addition to the types of intel, there are two levels of intel as well. Level 1 intel is intel that is only shared with the player who is using the piece of equipment. This includes the Backscatter and NVT scopes. Level 2 intel provides intel to the player's entire team, and includes all other pieces of equipment.

  • Tip 5

    Don't forget to use countermeasures to disrupt your enemy's intel! Jammers, EMP and Decoy grenades, and augmented camo help to keep you and your team concealed.